practice makes “perfection”

cropped-sebby.jpg u know u are someone who enjoys and cherishes freedom and independent lk me dats y i have not decided to miss opportunity 2 mk u feel unusual immodesty i’m not scaring you off . but asking for you company for few hours get to world of fun nd joks.

GIS in aquaculture in the namasagali campus busitema university faculty of natural resources and environmental sciences,  its on these moment that u feel the beauty of nature and real meaning of valuating the natural env’t we live a long with.

tricking the backs of ur minds is how things always work, but its all about building ur vision in its right path. spark ur eyes in ray direct of ur mind and interest, believe me u will find ur self there time at time and day after day.

thanks my mentor?

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Knowing is not being wise

I missed u people  

i look naturebig up to my design guider semanare, wen it come to remember of the first moments i got hit in my little confidence to exercise my abilities and creativity 

wen u told me make poetry pose i could hardly believe it. i apologize if i sound prejudiced but with that convenience i will be prepared for any fresh challenge across my way

kill my day by thanking all my supportor Continue reading

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A mother of hope

seby   No man is an island. it doesn’t matter how u start but its all how u end the revolution of life events


Where there’s a will there’s a way. it’s now that we love to thank you above all we can ever imagine “Honesty is the best policy” i thank u works in my life.


silence is gloden

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lost feeling of gameover

lost feeling of gameover


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Hot mind

It was v.dark nite around were small hilly rocks.she had made it daily routin going to meet her boy friend out of sarden on her way she came across aleapard it sounds like joke but reaily (having knowledge iz not knowing but dis iz time wisedom was dispalyed at work) she stood ackambly more of dead body and animal came lining against her dispet of dat she proved hard rock in her hart and after suffering with moisqutoes.harmless animal left and she took off byon chiater and had endless sleep of 3 day of rerication

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Resty moments at campus

Wat only did her do but also lost her lv this came amoment at campus she had been know of her sparkling galming magentic eyes with rough feet like tamack raod dat she left no stöne untruned when she was dogstlyed on britly day light mankeys where submarged in watching side like had never been in sorry of pool of joy bomings poured down de ground she had mised it 4 1000yrs .7 of mock fishmen did let rains go wthz perfect use of nets

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